It’s time to choose your wedding cake. But these days you don’t have to settle for a traditional fondant covered cake! The dessert possibilities are endless, so why not serve sweets that YOU love on your special day? And give your guests a break from all the cake Utah County has seen over the years. This list, however, is not for the faint of heart; if you have trouble making decisions we wish you the best of luck choosing your favorite from the options below!

1. Pancakes

Pancake tower

Mary Alice Hall

OK, I know “cake” is still in the word, but what could be more fun (and downright yummy) than a stack of golden brown pancakes topped with fresh berries and hot, homemade syrup? Not to mention pancakes are a very budget friendly option.

2. Crepe cake

Crepe wedding cake

Sweet Violet Bride

This scrumptious alternative consists of layers upon layers of paper-thin crepes, with whatever toppings your little heart desires. It’s pretty, it’s cheap, it’s different – and there you have it. Three solid reasons to serve this masterpiece at your reception.

3. Cinnamon roll cake

Cinnamon roll cake


If breakfast is your favorite meal and you eat it three times a day then this might be the dessert for you! We served cinnamon rolls at our open house (because they are my husband’s favorite) and no one said, “Um, why aren’t you serving cake?” Cinnamon rolls can take the cake any day (pun intended).

4. Donuts

Donut tower

LisaAnne Photography

Ladies, I promise we have found more than just breakfast ideas! But artistically stacked donuts at weddings have become a trend over the past couple years so we couldn’t leave it out. I, for one, won’t be surprised (or disappointed) if they stick around, and I’m sure your guests will agree.

5. Dessert Bar

Dessert bar

Sweet Style

Though not as innovative as breakfast for dessert, a dessert bar may be your one-way ticket to pleasing every single guest! And if you and your betrothed can’t decide on just one dessert, this is the best compromise you could ever strike! Cupcakes, fruit tarts, creme puffs, cookies, brownies; you can literally include every single dessert ever invented. And if you serve everything in mini form it’ll be that much cuter.

6. Oreos

Oreo wedding cake

Seneca Epley Photography

Another great stackable option is to use Oreos! If you are low-key obsessed with Oreos (who isn’t, tbh) then this is also a very economic option and, if executed well, can be just as elegant as a triple tiered wedding cake.

7. Pies

Pie Bar

B Lovely Events

With fall just around the corner, what’s a more appropriate dessert for your guests than pie? Or even better, several different pies! Though choosing the number and type of pie does mean making hard decisions, think of how memorable the sight (and taste) of those pies will be.

8. Croquembouche


Eulanda Shead Photography

This dessert is made of pastry balls, piled into a cone-like shape, and is held together with threads of caramel. This is perhaps even more traditional than what we think of as wedding cakes; France and Italy have been serving croquembouche at special occasions for centuries.

9. Macarons

Macaron tower

The Sugar Studio

If you aren’t tired of seeing pictures of macarons on Instagram yet, then building a tower out of these delicious sweets is a cute alternative as well. They are easy to match to your colors and theme and are, of course, social media worthy.

10. Cheese

Cheese wheel tower

The Courtyard Dairy

If you’re not into sweets at all, and don’t care what your guests think, consider using wheels of cheese to build your “cake.” It’s unique, delicious, and would add the perfect amount of class.

11. Cheesecake

Cheesecake as an alternative to wedding cake

Gina Meola Photography

And then there’s actual cheesecake. Nothin’ classier than a piece of rich cheesecake! If you don’t want to veer too far off the traditional wedding cake route, this will be the closest thing to an actual cake. Like with the pies, there is no shortage of cheesecake flavors to choose from.

12. Ice Cream

Ice cream bar

The TomKat Studio

Whether it’s in an ice cream cake or piled mile-high in a waffle cone, you can never go wrong with this dessert! Once again, there are so many different directions you could take with this one. Gelato, ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, an ice cream truck…the list stretches on and so do your guests’ smiles of delight.

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