How to achieve gorgeous getaway car #goals

Let’s pimp your ride, gals! Decorating the bride & groom’s getaway car is a tradition that’s been around for decades, and it can be another way to have your theme flow seamlessly throughout your big day. In this post you’ll find tips and ideas on how to decorate your getaway car and some seriously pretty pictures of flowers on old autos. 

1. Use a Vintage Vehicle

Vintage getaway car

If you can get your hands on one, it’ll make the pictures a lot cuter for sure! Exhaust all your resources when it comes to finding a vintage car to make your getaway in. Relatives, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances! Someone is bound to have something sitting in their garage.

2. Don’t Forget the Window Paint!

Use window paint to decorate the getaway car

An easy (and cost-effective) way to decorate is to use window paint! It’s easy to clean off, but still gets the job done. You’ll still get obligatory honks from other drivers on the road, we promise!

3. Attach Balloons – The Bigger, the Better

Attach balloons

Whether you blow them up yourself (again, the more cost-effective option) or buy them pre-inflated, balloons are bound to make a celebratory statement. Balloons are easy to match to your palette, too. If you’re worried about causing an accident, stuff them inside!

4. Put Flowers Everywhere

Use flowers to decorate the getaway car

Nothing tops flowers on an old car! Flowers make everything prettier, and are also easy to match to your palette. If you don’t want to spend the money on an arrangement just for the getaway car, consider using fake flowers! Then you can use them again later down the road. Check out this bride’s wedding to see how amazing fake flowers can look!

5. If Possible, Drive a Truck

Drive a vintage truck

Especially if your theme is rustic/countryside! It’s a much bigger canvas for decor, and someone else can drive while the newlyweds wave goodbye from the truck bed!

6. Make or Buy Cute Signage

Every getaway car needs a "just married" sign

A “Just Married” sign is a must for the getaway car! It can be a banner, poster, wood sign, window paint – there are tons of options. You can even switch up the wording, too: just hitched, we tied the knot, newlyweds on board.

7. Recycle Those Cans!

Attach recycled cans to the getaway car

Save up some used food or drink cans to decorate and attach to the bumper so that everyone will hear you coming from a mile away! Seriously though, attaching noisemakers to the getaway car is another tradition that’s too fun to skip. (Caution: if you have a great uncle that hates noise, don’t chug a bunch of soda to get empty cans to tie to the getaway car right before the bride leaves. He will pull out his pocket knife and cut those cans off the car. This is a true story; no one likes a party pooper.)

8. Drape Some Tassels

Drape tassels on the getaway car

Tassels make everything more festive, so pair a banner of them with cute balloons and greenery and poof! An immediately photogenic car, ready for IG-worthy pics.

9. Simplify with Vinyl Stickers

Use vinyl stickers on the getaway car

Another easy cleanup would be to use a customized vinyl sticker! We found an option on Etsy to get your search for the perfect sign started!

10. Pay Homage to Your Roots

Pay homage to your roots

Anything that reminds us of Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights, we are all for! The brilliant couple behind this getaway car are both from Texas, of course, and their country-inspired wedding is definitely worth a look-through (see link above picture!) and your Pinterest wedding board will thank you.

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Feature Image: Momento Cativo // 1. Lauren Kinsey // 2. Nathan Westerfield // 3. Youri Claessens // 4. KT Merry // 5. Carrie Patterson Photography // 6. Brklyn View Photography // 8. Megan Welker // 10. Kristen Kilpatrick Photography

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  1. Ashley
    December 14, 2016 at 10:58 am (1 year ago)

    So many cute ideas to decorate the getaway car! How cute is the truck with pillows? Cuddle with your new hubby as you wave good-bye to your guests. What a great way to end the evening!


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