Get adventurous and get dirty at your bridal shoots!

Step out of the box, and your shoes, and take bridals that embrace your adventurous, unique self. This styled shoot is a dreamy example of how to do just that!

These pictures might give some brides-to-be a nervous breakdown, but don’t leave just yet! See these gorgeous photos captured by Sadie Banks Photography through and we promise you’ll be glad you did.

Don't be afraid to be adventurous

Peace sign, round sunnies and a water backdrop

After seeing these gorgeous images we wanted to emphasize how taking risks at your bridals or formals can pay off in an unforgettable way. Don’t be afraid to go barefoot, don’t be afraid to get wet, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

This photoshoot is a great example of how to be yourself; from the peace sign and round sunnies to the simplicity of the dress against the liquid backdrop. This shoot took place at Utah Lake and everyone involved used that to enhance the images by going above and beyond dipping their toes in the water!

Dress in the water

Simple dress and florals

Sadie, the photographer of this lovely shoot, said, “A lot of the time, brides choose ‘safe’ locations in fear of getting their dress dirty. But dresses can be cleaned!” She even expressed her own regret at being conservative with her personal bridals: “I wish I would have taken more adventurous bridals as a bride!”

We’d like to echo her advice and remind you that, yes, dresses can be cleaned. Forget for a second how much you spent on your dress, or how long it took you to find the perfect one. Instead, think about how beautiful and memorable your bridals would be if you went to a strawberry patch during a rainstorm or a lake at sunset. How unique, how fun, and how utterly gorgeous!

Be adventurous - get your dress wet!

Floral crown

Don’t be afraid to make the necessity of getting your picture taken into an adventure. The less scared you are about messing up your hair or ruining your dress the more enjoyable your experience will be (and your photos will be so candid!). “I loved this styled shoot because we were able to experiment and get some really awesome shots; like the ones with the dress in the water,” Sadie said.

If you're adventurous, get your bridals done at a lake this bride!

Beautiful florals by Albedo Floral

Sadie teamed up with Annie from Albedo Floral to create the dreamy images you’re looking at. Annie arranged the bouquet, flower crown, and peace sign. We love every aspect of this shoot and hope to see more adventurous sessions like this in the future!

“I loved how unique and simple this styled session was. Your wedding day is about your love and as cliche as it sounds, every love is different. Be adventurous and unique,” Sadie said. “And don’t be scared to go out on a few limbs! You won’t regret it!”

Adventurous bride in the water

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