Madison Hardisty of MaddyShoots Photography is a professional wedding photographer that is giving us some insight and tips to the hottest photo trends of the Summer.

First, what are the biggest trends this Summer for locations? 
“I’m loving all of the wild flower fields this summer and the red rock in southern Utah!”
You can’t go wrong with a majestic red rock background!
We all have busy schedules, but want our pictures to be perfect, so what is the best time to take pictures? 
“I love golden hour lighting! It’s so flattering and sets such a beautiful mood”
Evening time when the sun is setting is a great time to catch that golden light.
Is there a certain color that looks best for the bride and groom to wear? 
“I love Earthy neutrals for engagements! They translate really well on all couples and look great after editing.”
What are the biggest mistakes brides make when taking engagement or bridal pictures? 
“The biggest mistake that brides make going into their engagements or bridals is collecting images or poses from Pinterest that they want to recreate. It keeps them from being in the moment with their love and acting natural because they get so distracted trying to make their pictures look like someone else’s! My advice is to use Pinterest to mood board, but don’t get too caught up in other people’s sessions!”
How long should one plan to take pictures?
“I like to take between 90 mins to 2 hours for my sessions so that there’s no rushing the special moments.”
What other tips do you have to give a bride for taking pictures? 
“In preparation for your session, try to plan some quality time with your love”

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