Not every culture uses a ring to symbolize matrimony.Hunter K. Fowler Photography

Thank goodness we have a physical symbol of our relationship status; that left finger ring check can really come in handy sometimes! Though the reason why wedding bands are worn on the left hand instead of the right has to do with anatomy, funnily enough.

I’ve been looking at wedding bands recently because, long story short, I decided I actually want one to go with the ring my husband proposed to me with. So, in my quest to find the perfect style I came across this informative reminder of why we wear rings.

According to the article, there is a vein in the left fourth finger that goes all the way up the arm, flowing straight to the heart. How’s that for some sappy symbolism? Love it!

However, not all cultures wear bands on their left hand to symbolize their married status. Check out the infographic in the link above; it explains how different cultures express their promise of love and fidelity and the chronological history of how the wedding band came to be!

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