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Creating a wedding registry is a daunting task! While it’s fun to pick out items to go in your future home, there’s always that nagging feeling that you’re forgetting to add something important… After receiving feedback from brides, we’ve put together a list of ten things to consider as you’re adding to that list!

10 things to consider when creating a registry

1. Create a wide price range, friendly for all budgets!

Don’t be afraid to register for that shiny red Kitchen Aid that seems soo expensive. You’ll be surprised at how generous guests can be when it comes to wedding gifts! On the other hand, make sure there are plenty of items on the list that your college roommate can afford, too. It’s all about creating a range of options!

2. Sneak in some outdoor gear.

You will never regret receiving those camp chairs or air mattress. Not only can they double as furniture until you can afford an upgrade, but they’ll come in handy at a future family reunion held in the wilderness. Plus, if you love camping then why not add a tent and cooler? It’s hard to shell out your own cash on those things because they aren’t a necessity. But they do make a pretty cool wedding gift!

3. There is no such thing as too much Pyrex.

Need we say more? Those lids! Saving the earth from all that plastic wrap single-handedly. And saving the day when you have to make brownies for a party or transport beans safely to a BBQ.

4. Show everyone how tidy you are.

Cleaning supplies can really rack up a bill, especially if you buy it all at once (like when you move to a new house). Ask for whatever you can think of: a vacuum, dish rags, a mop and broom, a duster.

5. Expose your weird side.

OK, we know an aloe plant isn’t weird (it’s actually really useful), but asking for one on your registry could look funny. Don’t worry about it! If you’re going to use that unicorn piggy bank, then add it.

6. Linens are a necessity, not a luxury.

Imagine stepping out of the shower and there’s no rug or towel. The horror! You’ll need more towels and sheets than you think. The more linens you get the less often you have to do laundry, after all.

7. You’ll need something to eat on (and with).

Unless you’d rather use your hands, of course! Plates and silverware are another staple to be added to the list – just make sure they are microwave and dishwasher safe before adding. We’re trying to save you some time, ladies!

8. Fun things are fun to buy.

It’s true. Register for games or movies you love and want to have in your future home. Or toys – to each their own! It’s more fun to purchase an obscure game or donut maker because it’s different from the traditional wedding gift.

9. Embrace your inner Rachel Ray.

Seriously! You probably won’t have another chance to have someone else buy kitchen supplies for you – so add that garlic press, the colored set of pots and pans, and frosting kit. To keep the page count down, add only the things you know you’ll actually use.

10. Don’t overlook the odds n’ ends!

Would you have thought to add a first aid kit? Or a tool kit? Think how often those two items get used in a household and then add ’em to the list! Your paper cut acquired while writing wedding thank yous will appreciate it.

Feature Photo: Justin DeMutiis Photography

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