Winter Engagement Shoot

Winter (and snow!) is finally upon us! Which means that all you winter brides out there better start prepping for pictures. The talented Emily Kim of Emily Susan Photography has graciously offered up a few tips on how to make the best of cold weather photos! We’ve featured just a few of her magical winter images to give you an idea of how embracing the season can turn out. 

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I worked with one January bride who desperately wanted warm weather for her wedding, but family scheduling could not make that work. As her photographer, I came to the wedding day with over six layers on to stay warm, but she chose a gown and heels that would have been more ideal for June wedding! Unfortunately, within fifteen minutes of pictures, the bride and groom politely decided they did not want any more photos taken. She was just too cold.

Why do we struggle to embrace winter weddings? I believe it’s because most weddings occur between May – August, so naturally we see more barefoot beach ceremonies and spring blossoms as we search social media and wedding blogs for ideas! Try not to live in denial that it may be twenty degrees when you take your engagement photos, bridal photos, or on your wedding day. Instead, embrace it! Accepting your winter wedding for what it is will bring you more happiness than wishfully thinking of June.

Winter wedding engagement shoot in the snow

These are a few of my best tips to embrace your photography experience in the cold:

1. Embrace layers – a LOT of cute layers! Consider long johns and leggings underneath everything – for you and your groom. Add scarves, hats, and knit mittens. The colors will pop against white snow or a bare landscape! A wedding gown looks extra classy with a fur wrap or cloak. Add variety without changing outfits just by removing coats or other layers for some of the pictures. Oh, and stick hand warmers in your pockets. You’ll love it.

Winter weddings call for warm layers

2. Embrace warm shoes as a priority! Remember that your feet are the body part LEAST visible in most portraits, especially in a floor length wedding dress. There’s no judgement in slipping on a pair of fuzzy socks and Ugg boots underneath your dress – your feet will be happy and your guests will be envious they did not do the same.

Dress in layers for winter pictures

3. Embrace whatever weather comes! As a photographer, I have not yet gained the ability to control when it will snow. When my clients are flexible and trusting that I can make the best of any winter weather that comes, I can guarantee a good time. Embrace location changes if mountain road conditions become too dangerous. Embrace how the snow sparkles when it hits the sun and how blue the sky appears in winter, even if you were hoping for that blizzard!

Of course, treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate with your sweetheart once the pictures are all finished. Best wishes to all those winter brides out there preparing for the cold!

Thanks for the awesome tips, Emily! If you love what you see, contact Emily to book your wedding or engagement pictures!

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