Fall wedding florals with blush and burgundy

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We can’t get enough of fall florals! The fun thing about fall wedding floral arrangements are the different colors and flowers that can be incorporated to complement the season. Mae Warner of Maeflower, a local floral design and event planning studio, agreed to share her insider knowledge about which flowers won’t break the bank as you’re deciding what to use during your fall nuptials.¬†

You can find small ways to save money throughout your wedding planning. Those savings add up, ladies! One way to spend less is to purchase flowers that are in season. For example, Mae said that peonies are really popular right now but their blooming season starts in late spring and only lasts a little while. If fall brides want peonies in their bouquets, the flowers have to be shipped all the way from South America – which can get pretty pricey!

“A good substitute for peonies are garden roses. They’re more ruffly and can come in any color,” Mae said. “That’s a good option if [brides] want that look.”

Another even cheaper option than garden roses are standard roses (I know, who knew there was a difference, right?!). According to Mae, most people don’t like standard roses because they are smaller. But here’s a helpful tip about standard roses for ya: if your florist gets them a couple days earlier then they can open up bigger for the day of your wedding.

Fall wedding florals with red, berries and greenery

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“A lot of people like scabiosa right now to use as an accent,” Mae said. Scabiosa is a small flower and although burgundy is the color that’s in the most demand right now, it can also come in a reddish-maroon and lavender.

Lisianthus is another cost-effective flower. They fall in the more ruffly, feminine category that is trending lately. Lisianthus come in white, pink, purple, mauve, and even white with blush pink. So many pretty colors. How will these lucky fall brides ever decide?

An option that’s a little more expensive (but worth it if you fall in love with the unique look of this flower) are anemones. “Those come in white, which is the most popular, or red, fuchsia, and purple,” Mae said. “They’re available throughout fall in good condition.”

Something you may not have known about hydrangeas is that their best season is fall; no heat or frost to hurt them! These pretty bunch-like flowers come in almost every color.

And of course, a more traditional and cost-effective flower for a rustic themed wedding is the sunflower. Pair it with wheat (an inexpensive filler option!) and a big barn venue; you can’t go wrong with a rustic autumn wedding done right!

Soft hues of fall colors

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Mae told us that the most popular, cost-effective option for fillers are berries. The reason for the friendly price tag is that berries are in season throughout fall, and into winter, too. And there are a bunch of different varieties to choose from:

Snowberry (white), viburnum (navy), pepperberry (coral/pink-ish, plus, Mae said that these berries have hanging leaves that add more of a draping effect), and hypericum (these come in almost every color!).

Some other cost-effective fillers include heather and silver brunia.

Maroon and burgundy are popular fall wedding colors

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Mae told us that a big trend right now is to use a lot of greenery in wedding arrangements. Maple leaves, bayleaf, Italian ruscus, amaranthus, and agonis are all cost-effective greens to use. Although, agonis is actually maroon (pictured above!) . Magnolia leaves are a popular greenery choice because on one side of the leaf is that rich green we all associate with magnolia trees, and the other side is gold.

blush, burgundy and cream are the hottest fall wedding colors.

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As far as colors for fall go, one combo stands out to Mae above the rest. “One big trend I’ve noticed is burgundy and cream.” She said some brides will use plum instead of burgundy, but those rich hues are especially popular right now.

Except the designated wedding color of spring and summer, blush, has continued into fall (yay! Team Blush!). “People wouldn’t normally wouldn’t think of blush for the fall, but it’s really pretty – ¬†especially with burgundy,” Mae said.

Pumpkins make great centerpieces for floral arrangements at fall weddings

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And listen to this fun idea! “For centerpieces, it’s really popular now to do fruit on branches. Fall is a really great time for that because they’re in season.” Mae has even arranged centerpieces in pumpkins. We can’t get enough of fall or centerpieces, which is why we posted about both here.

Mae believes fall is the best weather for weddings. “My brides always have the best weather, and a lot of them have outdoor weddings, so they don’t have to worry about snow or heat.” We are right there with ya, Mae!

*All floral arrangements featured in this post were created by Maeflower.

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