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Theresa from Tastebuds, a food and travel blog, is the author of this fun post about local catering options for your wedding. She has great taste (literally and figuratively) so give this post a read and then head over to her blog to discover more eateries nearby.

I have got a swoon-worthy ‘Weddings’ board on Pinterest (but it’s private so that no one can judge my craziness). I can also spot yummy food a mile away, so I’m combining those two talents for this post. Here’s a list of 4 places in Provo that offer out-of-the-box catering services.

And, yes, these places are the MVPs of my Pinterest board.


Rockwell Ice Cream Co cake                       Rockwell Ice Cream Co cone Rockwell Ice Cream Co sandwich

Rockwell sells the best Ice Cream in Provo. There, I said it. All of the ingredients are made fresh in the shop each day. Rockwell turns their rich, creamy, unique ice cream flavors (like Peanut Butter Oreo, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Honeycomb) into ice cream cakes for a dreamy wedding dessert. Click here for catering options.


hruskas-kolaches-1hruskas-kolaches-4 hruskas-kolaches-3

What’s a kolache? It’s a Czech pastry that is either stuffed with savory items or topped with sweetness. It’s a food blessed by heaven. Hruska’s catering options for weddings include regular or mini kolaches — that means you can eat a couple regular-sized kolaches or a couple dozen mini ones. No shame. They’re dang good. They’ve got savory flavors like bacon, egg, cheese, and jalapeno and sweet flavors like cream cheese and pecan. Mmm. Click here for catering options.


waffle-love-3waffle-love-4 waffle-love-2

Waffle Love makes their waffles from dough, not batter, and they’re the best waffles you’ll ever eat. They’re sugary and crunchy and fluffy and doughy and lovely. And they sell waffle wedding cakes! This will be my wedding cake. Yep. I don’t even have a boyfriend right now, but that’s not a problem. I have a beautiful dream of this wedding cake made of waffles. Also, they have the best floral decorations on their cakes. All you need is love. And waffles. Click here for catering options.


penguin-brothers-2penguin-brothers-1 penguin-brothers-4
The Penguin Brothers is a food truck I can get behind. They sell ice cream sandwiches made of warm homemade cookies and super rich ice cream. They also sell these creations out of a bright pink food truck, which I admire on a deep level. If you don’t have room for a food truck at your venue, the Penguin Brothers will ditch the food truck and set up a table for ya. Contact provopenguins@gmail.com for catering options.

Thanks for the sweet post Theresa!

Note: All of these photos are from the restaurants’ individual Facebook pages.

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