A throwback to Thomas S. Monson's 1942 wedding.

Despite the lack of wedding blogs and Pinterest back in the ’50s, brides somehow managed to plan elegant, timeless weddings. In fact, Provo, Salt Lake City, and everywhere in between, have been cranking out the marriages of classy couples since as early as 1948.

Specifically, in 1948 Thomas S. Monson was married to the woman he met during his freshman year of college. President Monson and his wife, Frances Johnson, chose to get married in October. We think Frances made a lovely fall bride; if we could, we’d tell her about all of the best flowers to use during fall!

As many Provo dwellers know, this weekend is the semi-annual General Conference held by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, during which Church leaders share inspired messages with a worldwide audience.

The General Authorities, as the Church leaders are termed, are loved for their often grandfatherly appearance and wise counsel. But before they had even a single grey hair, these men were once grooms to their own blushing bride!

Cutting cake at weddings in 1952 = still adorable.

Dallin H. Oaks and his late wife, June Dixon, were married on June 24, 1952. They met at a basketball game that Elder Oaks was working as a radio announcer at.

This couple from the '40s looks delighted to be married!

Russell M. Nelson met his wife, Dantzel White, while both of them were participating in a play at their college. Dantzel was the lead soprano and all it took for Elder Nelson to fall for her was hearing her sing for the first time. The couple was married in the Salt Lake Temple in 1945.

Heart shaped flower arches were all the rage in the '50s.

After returning from serving an LDS mission in Great Britain, M. Russell Ballard met his future wife at a University of Utah dance. Barbara Bowen enchanted Elder Ballard in the thirty seconds they spent dancing together and the two were later married on August 28, 1951 after an 11 month courtship.

Kathleen Williams Eyering made such a classy bride!

Henry B. Eyering and Kathleen Johnson were married in July of 1962. We adore Kathleen’s simple but classic dress (and President Eyering’s tortoise shell glasses!).

The Salt Lake temple is still a popular place for LDS couples to get married.

While studying at Brigham Young University, Neil L. Andersen met his future bride as he campaigned for a student body office. They went on their first date on her birthday. Elder Andersen and his sweetheart, Kathy Williams, were later married in March of 1975.

Each bride and groom had such a unique style! Which dress was your favorite?

Source: LDS.org

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