Designing a wedding is stressful and sometimes the stress gets to a bride and turns her into a bridezilla. Jessica Fuller of J Noelle Wedding Dress Design has had her fair share of encounters with bridezillas and she gives up some good tips on how to overcome and tame a bridezilla.

Signs of a Bridezilla: “Yelling fits, storming in and out of the dressing room, slamming doors, an occasional toss of a veil or slip, and tears, lots of angry tears… Those were the common themes. It was always really sad because the bridezilla usually came out when she didn’t feel like she was finding what she had envisioned, when her mom or someone in her entourage countered her opinion, when the budget was crushing her dreams, or when she’d had a long day of dress hunting and exhaustion or hanger was taking over. The biggest reason I saw a sweet bride transform into bridezilla for was the “dream dress – resource – budget complex:” when the bride had an idea for her dream dress (usually a $10,000+ masterpiece that she had pinned on Pinterest or saw on an episode of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress), but a dwindling well of dress options and a restrictive budget keep her from having what she wants. Almost all brides deal with this to some degree. We can’t all afford the gorgeous Pnina Tornai from Season 3, let alone find it within a 300 mile radius.”

How could this have been avoided? “Most bridezillas can be contained or tamed with these tips:
– When feeling overwhelmed, take a breather away from people, planning, shopping (in person or online), Pinterest-ing, Instagram-ing, etc.
– When feeling confused, ask for help, don’t rip heads off. Family and/or friends only want to help, even if they hate the wedding colors or the style of dress a bride wants.
– Don’t rule anything out. There are so many options out there right now that allow for budget friendly AND beautiful options.
– Take only one or two people when first going dress shopping. It gets a bit intense with too many people tossing their thoughts around. When a bride has it narrowed down to two or three options, then take the entourage around to get their opinions.
– Be flexible when it comes to style and budget options. A bride might have to adjust her style preferences or her budget allowances to make things work.
– Don’t give in to the wedding dress dumps; every bride finds her dress in one way or another.
– The Say Yes to the Dress moment where everyone in the room has this overwhelming feeling and cries together while saying “YES!!!” in unison is an extremely rare occurrence. Don’t expect it. I’ve seen brides come out of the dressing room in the perfect dress for them, but end up backing away because they didn’t have “the feeling.” If a bride feels like a dress reflects who she is as a person and she feels beautiful, that’s all that really matters.”

What’s the biggest mistake girls make when shopping for a wedding dress? “The biggest mistake I’ve seen is going into the shopping experience with the ONE gloriously perfect dress in mind. Often high expectations become crippling when that specific style of dress is unavailable, too expensive, or won’t look good on the bride’s body. Being open-minded and aware of all options available will save the bride, and her family and friends from an unleashed bridezilla.”

What is the biggest tip you would give a bride?   “The tip I give every bride I talk to is this: the most important part of the wedding is the ceremony – the part when the girl gets the guy, the guy gets the girl, and their happily ever after finally begins. Everything else about the wedding is just a side note. This is not to say that I think couples should get married in the courthouse dressed in gunny sacks (no offense to anyone who may have done that). Of course I think every bride deserves feel absolutely beautiful on her wedding day. Each woman has had unique experiences that have helped her become the person she is today – the person her fiancé has fallen in love with. Her wedding dress should reflect that. That’s why I love designing wedding separates – so every bride can have an affordable, one-of-a-kind wedding dress that complements her personality and her inner beauty. (It’s my way of fighting against the bridezilla epidemic!)”

Nothing in the planning process, including dress hunting, should overshadow the reason behind the whole experience. If brides can remember that, bridezillas will cease to exist…. Even though they make for exciting reality TV and great inspiration for rom-coms!

Jessica gives us some final tips about her Bridezilla thoughts: “The mission of J. Noelle Design is to provide every bride the ability to create an affordable, one-of-a-kind wedding dress that perfectly complements her personality and inner beauty on her most special day. Each bodice and skirt was carefully thought out and I’ve incorporated several different fits and fabrics to provide possibilities for the traditional bride, as well as the modern and unconventional. All pieces are available in ivory and an assortment of other muted colors. [Brides can expect the launch of a manufactured line by next year. Until then, fully custom options are available.]

The best place to see my creative process in designing original pieces is by following my Instagram account I love being able to share my process and I think it’s so exciting that people can see and understand why I designed something, then watch it come to life! My account personalizes each piece because people can learn the story behind it: its origin, construction, and presentation with the help of many talented professionals (including photographers, models, hair and makeup artists, florists, etc.) Following that journey makes those pieces more meaningful for a bride when she picks the perfect dress combination for her special day!”

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