Every bride wants to have the picture perfect wedding, but that is often harder to achieve that one might seem. Popular Utah wedding photographer Heather Clegg of Calluna Bella Photography gave us some tips and tricks to share with you to make your wedding worthy of all the likes on Instagram.

When want the perfect wedding photos, one of the biggest worries can be the weather.  What is the weather is bad? Heather Clegg has some solutions!

“ENJOY YOUR WEDDING DAY! The weather can’t be controlled.  Trust me, I have tried.  But, snow, rain, and wind can add so much character to your photos! If you are worried about getting specific shots, book a bridal session before you wedding day. Bridal sessions can be rescheduled, then when you wedding day comes, relax and trust the photographer you have hired.”

We all want those candid pictures, but What if you don’t pose well in pictures? What if you spouse hates taking pictures? 

“Just try and be yourself.  I try to get my brides and grooms to feel comfortable with me that way their personality will come out.  I highly reccomend meeting with your wedding photographer before the big day. It makes a huge difference!”

How do we pose so we don’t look awkward? 

“The best advice I can give is to focus on each other.  The best pictures happen in between pictures when you’re lovin’ on each other and soaking in the moment. If you’re waiting to be told where to be moved every second, you’re going to look and feel awkward.”

If you follow these steps, you are sure to get loads of likes on your Instagram and get that picture perfect wedding you have always dreamed of!

Thanks Heather for all the tips!

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