Your daughter just got engaged, you are overwhelmed with excitement and happiness for your future son-in-law to have a happily every after with your sweet baby girl. You get home, and the reality starts to set in. The planning, the money, and budgeting, and dress buying. Where do you start? LaNay King planned three weddings as three of her kids got married in a period of 15 months. She is here with the top three tips that ever mother-of-the-bride needs to know.

1- Build in fun memory-making moments!

Food tastings, updos, and more. When dress shopping, you could make a reservation at your favorite restaurant for after. Or pamper you and your daughter with mani-pedis. You get the idea. Time will get away from you if you don’t force those moments into your busy schedule. Then document it! Pictures, social media posts, and a fun hashtag to tie them all together will you help you relive those fun moments in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep because you have so wedding plans on your mind.

Miraculously it always comes together, just don’t forget to make memories at the same you are making plans.

2- Set boundaries, for time and money.

Wedding planning can take over every spare moment, so set boundaries. If you can do two hours on Thursday evening, and still get a good night’s sleep, then set a time to be done so that it happens. The better you are at setting time limits, the less likely you will be to feel drained, exhausted, and spent when the big day comes. Remember, you would actually like to enjoy the wedding. And making yourself exhausted because you stayed up all night tying silk ribbon bows doesn’t make sent. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.

And don’t forget the budget. The day after the wedding is over you would like to wake up without wedding spending regret. Set a budget you can live with, record expenditures, and practice this word… NO. You would be surprised how liberating that word is. The newlyweds get to start the next phase off fresh without stress, so should you.

3- Identify your version of Bridezilla, with your daughter, at the beginning of wedding planning.

What can you work with? Then when Bridezilla manifests herself – and she will – you can look in your daughter’s eyes without shock or even surprise and calmly say, “Bridezilla will be making a solo appearance. I will be in the other room until my daughter returns.” Know that moment will come, address it, and if you do so, it should happen only once. Bridezilla doesn’t bring out the best in the bride, or her mother. You will spend 50 years looking at that 20 x 24 bridal portrait hanging in your hallway. What memories do you want it to conjure up?

Finally, remember the wedding isn’t about the centerpieces…

Now Enjoy! The day you’ve dreamed about since she was born in fast approaching.

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