Weddings are seriously the best, by far our favorite event to participate in.
When it comes to weddings, we are all about the experience. From our pink truck, to blue suits, to Frank Sinatra music, we exist to make people smile. From time to time that requires exiting the truck to join the dance floor, and for the real tough crowds, we may need to take that dancing atop our pink truck. The ice cream sandwiches are good too, customizable and made fresh at your wedding… But we are really only a cherry on top to your epic day.
Over the last year, we’ve attended lots of different weddings, and have noticed three things that really separate the good ones from the great ones:
1. Quality over quantity. We’ve been to weddings with popcorn machines, photo booths, lawn games, taco truck, dessert truck, hot chocolate stand, etc… They tried to spread their budget over a variety of smaller things, and it came off overwhelming every time. From our experience, the weddings that use their budget to get 2 or 3 really great things were the ones that guests seem to enjoy more. The fun was focused and cohesive.
2. Good communication. Talk with everyone involved, including your vendors, to make sure everyone is on the same page. Open/frequent communication (before, during, and after) with the wedding party, vendors, and guests is the KEY to limiting stress. Talk openly about expectations, schedule, duration, and payments. Stress is inevitable, but the brides who kept it level were the ones that had a good handle on their comms dept.
3. Epic dance parties! Our favorite weddings always have great dance parties, which means a solid playlist (of high energy, danceable music mixed with some classics for the old timers), a great sound system, and most important of all…the dance leaders… Those who are willing to start the dance and get everyone else going. If you want a solid dance party, it starts with those friends/aunts/grandparents who are willing to go all out from the get-go.

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