Pretty blue and gold calligraphy invitationsMarcie Meredith Photography

Feast your eyes on these oh-so-pretty wedding invitations featuring a popular wedding trend, calligraphy! We especially love the unique looks of #3 and #5.

1. A blend of watercolors and calligraphy – the perfect marriage (pun intended!).Watercolors and calligraphy equal the perfect marriage.Deborah Zoe Photography

2. Whoever thought of using all black stationary for weddings was onto something.Black wedding stationary and calligraphy Pen Paint Ink

3. How could you not fall in love with this color combo?The perfect color combo for these calligraphy invitationsArtiese Studios & Post Calligraphy

4. Something blue and classy, too.Pretty blue calligraphy invitationsVicki Grafton Photography

5. This off-centered calligraphy is wedding invitation #goals!Off-centered calligraphy invitations.Krystle Akin Photography

6. If you’re afraid your guests won’t be able to read calligraphy, then it’s a safe bet to add an illustrated map of your venue.Calligraphy invitations with an illustrated map.Rylee Hitchner Photography

7. We love the whimsical vibes the handwriting on this invitation is putting off. The flowers help, too!Calligraphy adds to whimsy of these invitations.Anne Robert Photography

8. This grey and mustard is a surprisingly pleasant color combo. And I spy another illustrated map.Grey and mustard color combo on these calligraphy invitations.Ryan Ray Photo

9. The peach hues from this stationary prove calligraphy works with any wedding theme. Peach hues with these calligraphy invitationsClaire Graham Photography

10. This invitation is as pretty as it is hard to read!Pretty calligraphy can sometimes be hard to read!Rustic White Photography

Which gorgeous example is your favorite? Leave a comment!

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