A guest post written by: Leslie Dawn Events

Photo Credit: @mckenziedeakins
Bride: @carliestylez

You’ve found the perfect guy, been given the most stunning ring, and have just lived
through the most romantic proposal…now what? Once the whirlwind of the
proposal wears off and the date is set, the overwhelming panic sets in that you are
about to plan your wedding. Millions of tiny details have to come together to make
this the best day of your life. No pressure right? Well, before you start panicking or
getting cold feet, read on for all of our tips on keeping your cool and pulling off your
dream wedding.

As soon as you get engaged the very first thing you should do is:

1. Hire a wedding planner!
I know I am biased, but a wedding planner can truly make all the
difference. They become your right hand person by helping you bring
your vision to life and by making the whole planning process easier by helping you
every step of the way. Sometimes in an overly saturated wedding market it is hard
to weed out the good vendors from the bad or even the great vendors from the
average. Your wedding planner has worked with countless vendors and can help
you find the florist with the right style aesthetic for your wedding design or the
photographer with natural lighting expertise. They can let you know when vendor
estimates are fair or when you are being taken advantage of. They can warn you if
that beautiful wedding venue is the right fit for you or if they will not allow that
floral chandelier that you are dead set on having. Sometimes they are just a friend to
talk to when you and your mother cannot agree on a dress. Think of your wedding
planner as a “wedding attorney”. While they can’t actually give you legal advice, they
can look after you and protect you to ensure that your event is flawlessly executed.

2. Book a quality photographer. IMG_4107
So you have spent countless hours planning your dream wedding and it could not have been more beautiful! You could not be happier with everything you have accomplished and are anxiously awaiting the photos. The day comes when the photos arrive and you tear through the gallery. You burst into tears when you
realize your photographer only got one photo of you and your new husband, they did not capture any of the details or they poorly edited every photo. I cannot begin
to emphasize the importance of booking a good photographer! Your photos capture your day. When the last piece of cake is gone and the flowers have all wilted, your photos and memories will be all you have left to remember that day. If you did not book a good photographer, it can be devastating.

3. Pick the right florist. IMG_4114
A lush, fresh beautiful display of flowers can really make your event!  Booking an
experienced and well-priced florist with a good eye can take your wedding to a
another level. They can help you incorporate unique floral details that help set
your wedding apart from all of the other weddings your guests will attend this
season. From your centerpieces to your bouquet, they can create pieces that are memorable. It is so much more than throwing some flowers in a vase.

4. Feed your guests and feed them well.
We have all heard the saying that ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Well,
this is only half true. Women love good food too! Chocolate, anyone? You can cover
every last detail in your wedding planning process and that one bad meatball is
what guests will remember. Schedule a tasting with a few caterers and find one that gives as much attention to the plating and display of their food to the as to the taste of their menu.

Planning a wedding is a full time job, but you have to remember to have fun with it
too! You only get to experience this once. If you follow these steps I know you will be
well on your way to creating the perfect day.

Congratulations and good luck!!

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