Kelsey tells the story behind Provo Bride

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Man, I sure do and I always have. I remember watching “Father of the Bride” as a little girl and loving all of the details that go into the most important day of someone’s life. Being the youngest, I got to be a part of each of my older sibling’s weddings and further indulge my love of weddings.

When my friends started to get engaged, I became really involved in the planning process. I was elated to tag along to watch my friends try on wedding dresses, taste different caterers’ food, and visit venues. I soon understood that planning a wedding is hard work! Bless the bride’s heart! Brides would say, “Won’t it be easier to hire someone to do this? Or should I save money and make it myself? What if there’s a better or cheaper photographer that I just don’t know about? I’m sick of making decisions!” (if you never got overwhelmed making decisions for your wedding, contact me, so I can PICK YOUR BRAIN AND SOAK UP YOUR WISDOM), because planning a wedding can be tough for a number of reasons. Clearly, planning your own wedding will be exciting and fun, but aspects are definitely tough!

Kelsey tells the story behind Provo Bride

In 2015 alone, I was a bridesmaid in or seriously involved in eight weddings. As I became involved in these weddings, I started acquiring little insights or ideas with each wedding I saw: which florists in Utah County made phenomenal arrangements timely and affordably; which photographers will take the reins at the wedding and make sure the couple gets the photos they want; which dress shops have a certain type of dress, which days of the week are cheapest for weddings, substitutions for common expenses that will save lots of money, etc. These tips turned into a personal index of various local vendors that I had seen and trusted. Friends and co-workers would seek recommendations about different vendors once they knew I had exposure to quite a few.

Kelsey and Richard Wedding: temple shot

Fast forward to fall of 2015 (after seven of the weddings had happened) and I was sitting in Brother Walz’s Social Media Management class at BYU (It’s COMMS 314—highly recommended!). We were given the assignment to create a social media account and carry it through. I realized that there was no online forum where brides could go and find local vendors for each part of the wedding planning process. When a girl got engaged, she usually started by googling “wedding venues in Utah County” or “affordable florists in Provo”. Each detail of the wedding had to be researched separately. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one website that laid out each wedding detail by tabs that featured different vendors with trustworthy, relevant, local reviews?” I was surprised to find that no one had done it before and that’s how Provo Bride started!

Kelsey and Richard Wedding: by the water

Once the site was live and our Instagram account had traffic, a lot of vendors contacted me, wanting to be featured. This was something I hadn’t anticipated. I knew Provo Bride was going to be a wonderful resource for brides, but I hadn’t realized how equally beneficial and attractive to wedding vendors it was. Up-and-coming vendors loved the idea of having their work featured to their target audience, alongside other great vendors. For example, the fact that a prospective bride looking for a wedding cake would also be led to a new videographer’s work was really exciting. Finally there was a forum for up-and-coming artists and vendors to show their work off!  Just like that, Provo Bride was born!

Kelsey and Richard Wedding: goodbye
Since that day, we’ve brought on six interns that have made significant development in our brand. Our team further expanded and saw tremendous growth with Jordan and Cassidy Gundersen as partners, and co-owners. To see a simple school assignment turn into an original, thriving business opportunity has made this wedding daydreamer absolutely thrilled!

Photo Credit: Chelsie Starley Photography

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