Spring leading into summer is such a wonderful time for flowers! I drive around and see peonies exploding with petals. Oriental poppies are coming and going quicker than I can appreciate them.

DSC_4190 (1)A current favorite of mine is foxgloves. I have them growing in my garden and love to admire them there or snip a few for arrangements. They are delightful to use, from a distance they have a nice linear form that creates a pleasant aesthetic to any arrangement. As you get closer you see their ombre petals and little freckles. Foxgloves are such an enjoyable flower to work with.

DSC_5059The warmer it gets the more the flowers will change. An exciting late summer flower is the dinner plate dahlia. My favorite variety is café au lait. These dahlias are little show offs. They have stunning blush tones and I have used a few as big as my head. If flowers had personalities I am sure dahlias would be quite confident.


DSC_4044Talking about opposites from the elaborate large dahlias, is scabiosa. They are sweet and dainty. They come in a variety of whites, pinks, and purples. I love how scabiosas can just float through the air. I will place them in my bouquets high above the rest of the flowers to create some negative space and depth.

Those are few little favorites of mine! Hope you enjoy them too!


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Photo Credit: Tess Comrie


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