Dear Young Bride

I was a young bride, and I don’t regret it.

All my life I had dreamt of my wedding, just like every other little girl. I had my whole life planned. I was going to go to college then get married after I was graduated and had a successful career at 24 years old. However, that isn’t how things worked out.

When I was engaged at 19 people kept telling me I was crazy for getting married so young and that I was going to miss out on lots of things once I got married. I wouldn’t be able to party, flirt with guys anymore, or do fun single young adult things. One man told me that since I had only been out of high school for a year and a half there was no way I was mature enough to make a marriage last.

While they may be right about not being able to go to anymore young single adult parties, what they didn’t realize is I get to experience all the fun exciting parts of life with the man I love the most. Life is full of learning curves and I get to learn and mature along side my soul mate and forever best friend. I have a built in adventure buddy for all the fun things I want to do in my young twenties, and I always have a date every Friday night. In times of heartache, stress, or anxiety, I have a shoulder to let me ugly cry on and wipe the mascara streaks away from my cheeks.

Everyone has their own timeline in life, and if your love happens to come earlier in your life than you expected, that’s ok! If your future husband happens to not arrive until much later than you expected, that’s ok too! Be happy for those who have found love, no matter the age! Marriage is a happy happy thing.

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