My wedding day wasn't perfect. I had spent months planning, and let's all be real, we have been planning our weddings since we were two, but it didn't end up quite how I had planned. I had this vision of my perfect day and I so badly wanted to have the perfect magazine wedding, where everything went smoothly, but that wasn't the case, and that is ok!

Weddings are stressful, and when I woke up on my wedding day, not that I was really sleeping anyways, I was so nervous that something wouldn't go as planned, and it didn't take very long for that fear to become reality.

I was married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple. After we had our wedding ceremony, we both left to freshen up, and re-do hair and make-up before our wedding pictures. As I went back to meet up with my brand new husband of twenty minutes, he didn't greet with me a smile, instead he greeted with me fear in his eyes. He looked at me and said, I lost my wedding ring.

Lost HIS WEDDING RING?! HOW was this even possible? We literally had been married for twenty minutes! According to my new hubby he had taken it off to wash his hands, left by the sink, and before he knew it, it was gone.

Everyone was waiting for us outside, and we knew we couldn't stall any longer. We decided to go and take the pictures without his brand new wedding ring.

After about an hour of the best man searching while we were taking our wedding pictures, he eventually found the ring in the lost and found. Just in time to take the iconic hand on hand "ring photo."

There were many other things in my dad that didn't go according to plan, but I wouldn't change my wedding day for anything! In fact, all these hiccups made my wedding day more memorable!

I shared so many laughs over these bumps in the day and tried to embrace them as part of the fun. I have much clearer memories of the things that went wrong on my wedding day, then the things that went right. They gave my wedding day character, and made my wedding day mine!

Your wedding may not go perfect according to your plans, but that is ok, but it makes you wedding yours. Just remember, go with the flow, smile, and roll with however your wedding day goes, because it happens fast. Don't waste any of your dream day being upset. Be happy, and your wedding will be imperfectly perfect.

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