It’s your wedding day and while we can’t all look like Jackie Kennedy on our special day, we can do some things to make the day go a little smoother. It’s always easier in retrospect to realize the “shoulda/coulda/woulda’s” of the wedding. Some things you can’t figure out until you experience the wedding day yourself. However, with input from lots of brides, here’s a list of what we wish we would’ve known before our weddings:

  • “Take a few days before the wedding to not do anything wedding related. Take a breather from wedding details to focus on the ceremony.”
  • “Don’t forget to serve your wedding cake!”
  • “Ask someone else besides your mom to be a liaison between the vendors on your wedding day.”
  • “Pick the 3 things that are most important to you and don’t compromise on them. Be flexible with the rest!”
  • “Things are bound to go wrong, so just remember that you’re getting married which is the most important part.”
  • “Don’t skimp on the photographer. Pictures are the only thing that lasts.” 
  • “Order your dress early so you have time for alterations.”
  • “Renting a wedding dress saves a lot of money!”
  • “Create a Pinterest board for your photographer so they know which pictures you definitely want at your wedding.”
  • “Have someone put together a box of the reception food for you and your groom! That way you have something to eat at the hotel!”
  • “If people show up early to your reception, you can still take pictures with your family and friends at the venue, the guests can wait!”
  • “Communicate specifically with your florist when you will want your flowers to be ready by.”
  • “If your groom isn’t too into style, have his mom do his hair for the wedding!”
  • “Pick a caterer or florist who will set up and decorate things with their own linens. That way you show up and it’s all decorated!”
  • “Planning for a marriage is way more important than planning for a wedding!”
  • “Comfy shoes are more important than super cute ones. Your dress will cover it anyway.” (I would’ve worn these -> though!)
  • “Your veil will fall out. There’s no way around it. It’s ok.”
  • “Have a live band. The guests snacked and listened to the band while the bridal party took pictures.”
  • “Hire a videographer. I now look at others’ wedding videos and it makes me so sad! I hardly remember our reception and it would’ve been nice to watch some clips from it.”
  • “Have a reception on a separate day so you won’t be stressed during the reception and can enjoy the ceremony more.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to pay someone to do your hair and make up. You will feel beautiful and you get to remember it for the rest of your life.”
  • “Don’t stress about what’s out of your control, like the weather. You can’t control the cosmos, but be glad that you CAN choose the one you love! Because that’s important!” (If you’re like me, it will DOWNPOUR on your wedding day, RIGHT as you’re taking pictures. My hair was flat for the rest for the of the day and reception, but I had so much fun!)
  • “Plan out which pictures you want taken and let your photographer know.”
  • “Make sure you’re nourished on your wedding day. I remember thinking I should eat light and then we were married around noon and weren’t able to eat until 3pm. Thought I was going to die. Have someone bring you a sandwich or just eat after the ceremony before pics or something because it’s a loooong day!”
  • “I wish I hugged my parents right before I left the reception. They did so much for us and I wish I would have said goodbye specifically to them.”
  • “I wish we had asked more people to be helping at the reception (aunts or something) with the food and small details, because my mom ended up leading that out and missed out on enjoying the night as much as she could have!”
  • “Make your wedding day the funnest day of your life. It can be, it should be, it’s up to you though!”Well, there you have it ladies! These are just some thoughts of other brides, so take what suits you and learn from our mistakes! What you decide to do is up to you, but just remember to CHOOSE to make your wedding day the best day of your life. And it will be.

With love,

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